We develop bespoke solutions for many of our clients.

What if I can't find products that suit my requirement?

3Minds understands that you may have particular functional requirements, which is why we develop bespoke solutions for many of our clients. We can combine features from existing products or design new ones to suit.

How much will it cost to develop my product?

Our approach is to absorb the development costs for product that we will be manufacturing for our clients providing that we retain the design rights. We can of course quote to carry out a design specifically for you.

Do you have a minimum order quantity for the sale of your products?

Yes all our products carry an MOQ of 50 units. We will however be flexible on scheduling for initial orders of higher value product.

How will I know that the product will be suitable before committing to an order?

As part of the development process we will produce prototypes for you to test within your overall system. We will ask you to make a contribution to the cost of the prototype/s to ensure your commitment to the project.

Can you offer branding options specifically to suit me?

Yes, 3Minds do make product with bespoke colours and graphics for particular clients. These options may of course carry a premium and or minimum order quantities.