IH Timers - Features

Multiple tariff presets for rapid installation.

Intuitive User Interface

  • LCD screen to display time, status information and menus
  • Navigational buttons for easy programming
  • Timer and Boost LED's for instant feedback
  • Manual boost button (30, 60 and 120 minute settings)

Programmable Timers

  • Multiple tariff presets for rapid installation
  • One programmable auxiliary time period
  • 3 Programmable off peak time periods
  • Off peak 'time base' selection (GMT or GMT+BST)

External Controls

  • Optional Remote Boost button available
  • Safety protection input for 'overtemp' thermostat or water level sensor
  • Low power thermostat connections for 4kW channels
  • Auxiliary input for additional thermostat or water level sensor

Clock and Calendar

  • Automatic switching between GMT & BST
  • Battery backup (clock and user time settings)
  • 24 Hour clock with 1 minute resolution (displays hours, minutes, day & date)

Remote Boost Features

  • Standard BS face plate
  • Boost active (LED on)
  • Fault condition (LED Flashing)