IH Timers

Any combination of heaters can be set to operate..

Multi-channel Immersion heater timers

All our timers have four programmable on-time periods over 24hrs and an integral boost button for 30, 60 or 120 minutes heat boost. Any combination of heaters can be set to operate during any of the timer and boost periods.

The timer control channels can also be used to switch other associated equipment, such as pumps or valves.

The flexible design of the MCT range allows for OEM variants to be produced to match your specific system requirements.

This may include bespoke menu structures, functionality and branding options to provide you with a unique system solution.

MCT Automatic GMT/BST Switching

The standard range now comes with a 'Fit & Forget' solution for the clock function. The clock automatically switches between GMT & BST at the appropriate date & time and also automatically compensates for leap-years. The setting of the calendar day, month and year is very easy using our intuitive menu structure. In normal operation the clock will also display day & date details.

Remote Boost Facility

A remote boost button is now available that allows the boost function to be controlled from outside the 'water tank' cupboard. The button has a visual indicator which shows boost activity or a fault condition.