Water Flow Controller

The OverFill control device is intended to prevent the overflow of heating and hot water systems.

Space saving solutions

The OverFill control device is intended for use in combination with a motorised valve and a simple float switch to prevent the overflow of heating and hot water systems.

A typical application would be the protection of a mains pressure hot water combination tank. Should the coil rupture or the float valve fail the header tank water level would rise rapidly. The float switch will detect this hazardous condition and the OverFill control unit will turn the mains water valve off. An alternative use might be in an application where the routing of an over flow pipe is undesirable. Should the float valve fail then the safety device will be triggered.

Main Features

  • Caters for a normally open or a normally closed float switch
  • The status LED flashes to indicate that there is a fault condition
  • Wiring through cable glands for ease of installation

A normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) float switch can be used with this control. We advise the use of a normally closed switch as the system will fail safe in the event of a wiring fault.

We recommend using a low power motorised valve such as the Honeywell VC (Hydronic) 2- way valve. The hydronic valve only requires power while opening or closing and so minimises power consumption and heat generation when actuated for sustained periods. During a power outage the valve will maintain the water supply unlike similarr models which employ a spring return mechanism.